One of life’s turning points arrives amid emotions that springs forth as Christmas events leave the warm glow of new memories mingled with the trepidation of the unknown . A New Year noted by the pristine pages of the fresh calendar staring down from its place on the wall inspiring hope for a prosperous, happy year while a small nagging voice reminds us it may not be all we hope and dream. Time to make a choice on whether we will approach the future with exuberant expectation or excruciating dread.

Time to evaluate life.

Time to forget strife.

Time to dream dreams.

Time to develop schemes.

Time to be filled with joy.

Time to live the story.

Saying goodbye to 2007 and embracing 2008 with open arms.

Until next year!

Originally posted 28 Dec 2007


This year let us bid a farwell to 2016 and embracing 2017 with open hearts and minds.