My Opinion on Current Times

I wrote this to clear my mind and relieve some frustration in February. It was my opinion then and nothing has happened to change that. Many things could be added that have happened since February, however they only support this writing. There is one item I will add.

On impeachment: Let the facts reveal the truth. Pray for that. If the evidence shows Trump and the people around him did nothing wrong, then we must all leave it alone. If it proves them guilty of the accusations, we must all accept that. Stop attacking fellow citizen over their opinion. Stop the violence. Stop being angry about everything.

February 5, 2017

I respect others enough to believe they have reasons for their opinions. I desire the same courtesy. I am labeled and pigeonholed into categories without actually being asked where I stand on any subject. This has been especially true during the current politically state. Read on if you are interested in my real opinion instead of what you think it might be.

I feel attacked and belittled because I didn’t like either candidate. I don’t agree with many on the basic of what is fake news and what isn’t. I don’t want to argue with anyone. I want to voice my opinion.

  1. On immigration: I believe ILLEGAL immigrants should leave or become citizens. I don’t believe they should be able to get driver’s license or vote. If this is happening within state, the citizen of that state should make their voices heard. I believe citizenship should be obtainable. I believe LEGAL immigrants have gone through a process most natural born citizen would have a hard time passing. I believe the majority of people in the USA are from immigrant/refugee stock. I believe we should treat everyone with love.
  2. On the wall: A wall covering 650 of 1300 miles is already there. Finishing the wall may stop the refugees from Central America and Mexico. I don’t believe it will stop drugs or criminals from coming in through tunnels, by aircraft, and by boats. As for Mexico paying for it, they are not going to except through tariffs, which will only be passed on to consumers. Americans will pay for it with taxes, but pay for it again when they buy fruit or anything else from Mexico. So we don’t buy what is made there. Taxpayers have paid for it anyway, not Mexico.
  3. On discrimination: I believe we can’t be one nation under God until we stop dividing ourselves by being anything except Americans. Atrocities of the past should not be held against people who did not commit them. Discrimination is wrong no matter what color the skin is of the ones doing it. It would be a wonderful world if everyone could be treated by their abilities and actions instead of preconceived notions.
  4. On voter fraud: If people are voting in more than one state, that’s wrong. If they are illegal, that’s wrong. If dead people are voting, that’s wrong. Individual voting precincts should be held responsible. It is happening sometimes, but there is no evidence of it being in the millions. If someone has proof, they should reveal it. The people at the polling sites I have been to are very conscientious. Give the voter registrars and polling workers more tools to check voter’s rights to vote. Federal election voters are dropped from the lists if they miss two elections. This happened to me. Volunteer at your local voting locations if you want to know the process better. Participate in making the system better instead of complaining.
  5. On education: Doing away with public education is a bad idea. Too privatize it to companies is not in the best interest of the children. It has been tried in other areas with varying results. Even the ones that eventually work out the problems have years of trial and error. Usually the business running them will be more concerned about the bottom line than the children.
  6. On the EPA: I believe there have always been climate changes. That part is nothing new. What we didn’t have before was information about the ozone layer and the part it plays. Our country and world has two choices. One is to help the process along and wait for it to change the world. Second is to delay it by any means we can. Coal is not clean. To mine it is dangerous and to strip mining destroys the land for years. It is a mystery to me why we want to pipe crude oil miles from where it’s collected to be refined and transported to other countries. The damage done by leaks doesn’t seem to worth it to me. I know it isn’t going to leak every day and constantly. It doesn’t take but one to do damage it would take years to repair.
  7. On Affordable Care Act: I believe it has helped some people and hurt others. It needs work. Doing away with it before having a better one in place is wrong. It can change Medicare and the VA, which directly concerns me. We all wonder how this will affect us. Possibly moving to a savings plan leaves a big gap in coverage.
  8. On Trump’s cabinet and advisors: Wealthy businessmen. Friends and Family. White Supremacist. Conflict of interest. Looking out for themselves, their businesses, and big corporations. There are some changes there. Rebels against answering the questions for the committee. Making up their own rules.
  9. On Trump’s conflict of interest: He hasn’t paid taxes for years. He hasn’t severed ties with his companies. Promises big business lower taxes.
  10. On taxes: I believe big business will have lower taxes, but not the average citizen. Someone has to pay for the wall, health care, and $3 million a day for his family to live in NYC plus his constant trips to Mar a Lago.
  11. On protest: People can peacefully protest in our country. I do not condone violence in rioting. The people that do those things are wrong morally and legally. Peaceful marches should not be labeled the same.
  12. On Dodd-Frank: Another example of helping big business for friends not the public.
  13. On fake new: I believe there are fake news sites, but not the ones President Trump says. They are not fakes just because they disagree with him. There has never been a president that everyone liked and agreed with. Read everything. Challenge preconceived ideas.
  14. On White House leaks: This is nothing new either except for the sheer amount of the leaks. Maybe he could be more careful about his words and actions. It is odd he is so concerned with the leaks while talking in dining room full of people about subjects that should be discussed in private, like the situation room.
  15. On comedians: Here again, all presidents have had their share of jokes about them. People are watching more because of his tweets against them. It might help if he didn’t give them so much material.
  16. On his campaigning: Seriously, campaigning less than a month after taking office. Our country has enough business at hand to keep him busy.


It is no secret that I didn’t support Trump from the beginning. I actually agree with some of the things he has said. I was ready to “give him a chance” when he began. Then he had his first day where he demonstrated a lack of respect for the Constitution, the other branches of government, and his disdain for some American citizen. The problem is he continues to play to his current audience, which means he changes his story often. I didn’t believe that a multi-millionaire cared about the little people when he was campaigning. He has done nothing to convince me he does. He has done much for the wealthy from tax breaks and deregulation, a remake of the trickledown system. I don’t know anyone personal that was ever helped by that.


President Trump could persuade me and others if he stopped blaming everyone for his problems in the White House and used his time and energy on doing. Oh, I know he has signed a bunch of orders and memoranda. Many of these have caused angst among citizen, people who are as much a part of the United States of America as anyone else including the president. The president works for all the citizens even the ones he doesn’t like including the reporters, the immigrants, the left, the Democrats, and so many more.


So, what are we going to do, America? Are we going to let him divide us? Are we going to have another civil war? Or are we going find ways to come together? And are we going to love our neighbors?


Author: Pamela K. Young

I have not only lived many chapters in one life, but many lives in one body. The person I am today is far wiser than the me of young adulthood. My life is like your life with its ebb and flow. We are all connected in some way. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, but what makes me, well, me is the way I wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a liver transplant survivor. Whatever devastation you have survived, we survived in our individual ways. I create with words and photos. I am a writer and photographer.

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