Transitions happen every day. Simple ones like transitioning from reclining in bed to standing in the morning aren’t ever on the radar for most. We do it without even thinking about how to do it.

Some are BIG. Everyone in my immediate family is going through some sort of BIG transition at this time. Moves and job changes among them have us on edge causing a loop-de-loop of emotions from stress to excitement and everything between. We are having to make some tough decisions after our part-time house was vandalized. This time it was outside, thankfully.

It isn’t only these close to me. Our country is transitioning and every citizen is filled with the uncertainty of our time. The doubts and fears create heightened anticipation about the future. This is not helped by the ugliness of words thrown at those that disagree.

I have recently heard a few people voice being sick and tired of both political parties. I reached that point long ago. Neither party is looking out for the general public, but for itself. Family and friends from both are upset with me when I don’t blindly believe everything their party attempts to force-feed us. I agree with both on some things and strongly disagree on others. I listen. I decide.

Neither candidate was a good choice for president, but when President Trump was elected, I wanted him to be the President his followers believed him to be. Then he talked and he tweeted. I listened. I decided. He surrounded himself with dishonest support in the White House. He was not prepared to be president. Go read his own words about it. He has said he didn’t know it would be so hard on different issues. Wait. Let the investigators do their jobs. Let truth be revealed. Accept that truth even if it is different from what you now believe.

Oh, and the press. It has been increasingly difficult to sort the real news from the fake news. Articles filled with maybes, coulds, and mights are not news. Long-winded repetitious writings of opinion are boring and presented in such a way as to create confusion. One has to dig for the truth within by searching reliable sources. News is fact. Report that. Clear concise news reporting that cuts through the garbage is needed. There are a few. Find them. Read them. Stay away from the ones published by the left or the right or anywhere between whose only purpose is to sway us to their way of thinking. They are propaganda. Always remember that just because we want something to be true doesn’t make it the truth.

You’ve heard of grass roots movements? I propose we start one where every citizen is kinder to every other citizen. We don’t have to agree on every detail to be nicer to one another. Seldom are you going to influence another’s thinking enough to change their mind. They have as much right to their opinion as you do. Stop being bullies about your beliefs. Stop the name calling. If you don’t agree, research it to find the truth. Find ways you do agree. Work toward those goals.

We have seen disasters, natural and man-made, in our country and world. We view one person helping another through floods, tornados, earthquakes, attacks with weapons, and bombs. Do you think they ask the other person what political party they belong to or what they believe on any given subject before they help them? I don’t. It’s one human helping another. Don’t wait for a disaster to treat other with kindness.

Transitions. Our world is in a BIG transition. One of biggest I have witnessed. No one knows what it will look like next year or even next week. No one knows what world the children of today will inherit from us. You and I choose by our words and deeds each day. Choose wisely. Choose love.