Today’s America

America is in turmoil and I am heartsick. We didn’t reach this point overnight and it can’t be fixed overnight. This is the time for every citizen to wake up, to stop hearing only each one’s idea of the way life is, and to open eyes, ears, and hearts in order to see and listen to what is really being said.

I am registered Independent in Oklahoma which actually means No Party. Oklahoma does not recognize the Independent Party, which is fine with me. I prefer being connected to no party. When I find one living my views or close to them, then I may want to be affiliated with them.

I am a Christian. I strongly believe certain things are right or wrong. I believe Christ died for all. I believe God gave every person free will and no one should try to take that away. I believe God wants people to come to Him out of love for Him. I believe it is the Christian’s responsibility and privilege to show God’s love to the world. Remember when everyone asked WWJD about everything?

Politics and religion have always been explosive subjects alone and unstable when mixed together, but it doesn’t stop people from trying. Someone always gets burned when that happens. The true reason the framers of the Constitution wanted a separation of church and state is they knew first hand what it was like to have a government run religion. However, they used their hard found belief in establishing this country. That doesn’t mean they all agreed on the finer points of the Bible but they believed in God and His power to direct not only lives, but countries.

It is held as fact that this country is a Christian country. True enough in one sense. There have always been people standing up for the poor, the elderly, and the children at the same time others have been opposing them. America has had its share of traitors, murderers, thieves, and look-out-for-number-one people. Thank God some have been willing to stand up for those who can’t stand for themselves and those oppressed because of race, creed, or any other barometer people use.

Today, America is as divided as it was before the Civil War. It is time for the people to look for what they have in common and work together to come to peaceful solutions wherever possible. Some of the issues of division today are Planned Parenthood, Education, Immigration, Equality, and Illegal Voting.

Planned Parenthood is a hot topic because of abortion. I get that. I also know Planned Parenthood works with people on birth control and other issues. Defunding them is stopping education on STDs and birth control. Unplanned pregnancies and STDs have always been with us as are children born and not cared for. You can’t stop this with regulation. It can only be stopped with changes in a heart. Go to a Planned Parenthood and ask what they do instead of accepting the account of someone else. Work in your circles to educate people about your concerns.

Education has had a long hard life in America. Finishing the sixth grade was a great accomplishment at on point in our history. Many couldn’t read or write even their own names in our history. America’s education system needs help. It isn’t right for teachers to have to depend on putting something online asking for dictionaries or other essentials for students. Far too long, the education system has only had patchwork. It is time to actually help fix it. Go to your local school. See what the struggles are. Listen to what educators think. Volunteer in a classroom. Get involved locally so you can help nationally and globally. The push today is to unfund public education. Ask the educators and public officials what that will look like.

We are a nation of immigrants. I recently had my ancestry DNA tested. I am mainly European. This was no surprise to me. I knew much of my heritage already. My ancestors immigrated to America from my ninth great grandparents to my fourth great grandparents from various countries in Europe. They came seeking the same thing immigrants today seek, freedom to worship and live. Some came fleeing persecution in homelands. The only difference is they came wanting to be Americans only. The family traditions were kept within homes. Many didn’t want anyone to know their heritage because everyone was put down and ridiculed by some other group. We should unite and be Americans only. We don’t need anything that creates or continues division. If you are an American, say you are an American. Leave it at that. It is a great equalizer.

“All men (including women) are created equal.” Many don’t really believe that. Inequality surrounds us. We close a blind eye to it unless it directly affects us. When everyone is rewarded for talent instead of preconceived ideas of what they are, our country is better. Stop judging others by appearance. Use actions as a barometer. Don’t clump all together because of one’s action. Each person should be held accountable for his or her actions. Search for truth. Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions about an entire group of our society because of what one person does. I have always hated labels and I don’t see that changing. Stop labeling, pigeon-holing everyone you meet.

Illegal voting is a problem as is Russia’s interference if they are happening. Look up the voting laws for your state. Volunteer to work on voting day if you suspect voter fraud in your area. Find out the process first hand. By the way, names are dropped from federal election rolls if a person misses two federal elections. If people who have died are on the rolls longer than that, it is a local problem. Fix it there.

Pot stirrers are all around us. Those that want to keep us stirred up against each other. Don’t let them. Think for yourself. Unless you know something for a fact, don’t spread it. Has it happened to you or someone you know personally? Did you see it? Did you search to find out the truth? Or did you just blindly accept it because it is what you want to believe?

President Donald Trump made campaign promises he is desperately trying to rush to completion. Change takes time and patience. It is a natural tendency to compare him to other Presidents. Past Presidents had their own problems. When we learn to look at each official, including the President, on his or her own merit, then we have a clearer vision of character of that official. The number of people at an inauguration doesn’t matter one tiny bit, but President Trump said in his speech something in his speech that does,

So to ALL Americans, in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, and from ocean to ocean, hear these words:

You will never be ignored again.

Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

At the same time, his followers tell other American citizens they don’t belong here. There is no place for violence on either “side” of the fence. The marches have much to do with many American feeling unheard, unhopeful, and dreamless. The letter writing and phone calls are people making their voices heard about their hopes and dreams for America. Pray for our President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, as well as our state, county, and city leaders.

One of my favorite movies is The American President. There are so many lines from it that fit today’s American politics even though it was filmed in 1995. The plot is different, but watch it and listen carefully for the phrases that are pertinent today. You can read the President’s speech at the end of the movie here.

There are those who will disagree with some 0r all of what I have said. That’s not a problem. My hope is maybe someone will think about some of these and see a place to help fix the problem instead of complaining about it. Now is the time for all Americans to work today toward a better tomorrow.