Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Well, we made it another year. What’s left to be said about beginning a new year? Nothing. It has all been said before in one way or another. There really is nothing new under the sun. We have all heard that a new year brings a clean slate to our lives. Many have a desire to be healthier by exercising more and eating health every day to lose weight. Some dream of adventures. Others hope this year is the one to turn that one idea into a fortune. I sometimes want to read more. And I always want to spend more time with my people. ‘Resolutions’ change little from year to year and last only a blink of time.

A person who doesn’t have a job wants a job. A person who has a job wants a different job or at least a raise. A sick person wants to be healthy. A healthy person wants to stay healthy but they also want to continue eating anything they want. A poor person wants enough to feed their family. A person with enough to feed their family wants enough to give them extras. A middle class person wants to be wealthy. A wealthy person wants more wealth. These things don’t change.

What does change is me and you. Each year holds a promise of possibilities. The deepest dreams of our hearts for the New Year depend on what is happening in our lives at the time. We are filled with a strong desire for something different, something better in our lives.

I have witnessed the coming and going of many years now. I dreamed young girl dreams once upon a time. Time passed and something happens when you realize you have far fewer new years to see than the ones behind you. Some call it wisdom, but I call it experience. Experience is an excellent Schoolmaster especially if you pay attention to the lessons. I have reached the point of looking at each day as a new start to be the person I should be. I am far from perfecting this. I fail at some point each day. The sun goes down and most of the time takes that failure with it. The sun comes up giving me another clean start to try again. I don’t ever know if I will totally accomplish this even one day ever, but I get better at it as time goes by and I’m not giving up.

Let’s get back to welcoming 2017. I do have some special plans for this year.

  1. Two years ago, I was given an opportunity for life after a lengthy and trying illness when I had a liver transplant. This year, I gain some weight back, which is potentially damaging my new liver and kidneys. It isn’t a matter of wanting to lose weight. I must lose weight to continue living the life I have enjoyed the last two years. This is a huge incentive!
  2. I am a member of a family business, ShyJot Publications LLC. We have spent a few years developing different paths for us to follow. We are a creative group with many interests. The process of narrowing our directions has been difficult. 2017 is THE year that our focus has become clear for each of us. Find out more at and look for the links to our other fabulous sites of Indelible Words, Amanda Salisbury Books and Art, Young Designs, and the one you are reading Wrinkles of My Mind.
  3. Wrinkles of My Mind as well as a couple of books I am writing are high on my list for the year. Come back to visit me here on Mondays. I will also be writing on Indelible Words at least once a week on Thursdays. My books need a editing and revisions.

My daughter doesn’t make resolutions but has a theme for the year. I like that idea. I’m not as good at it as she is but I have a theme of SIMPLIFY that I actually began last year.