Until Next Time…Part 2

On the previous post, I discussed my use of this term. It is used similar to, “Until we meet again.” It is perfectly appropriate to look forward to the next time of many things, such as seeing loved ones, birthday parties, reunions, etc.

Coincidentally most everything in life has a flip side. I was recently confronted head on with the flip side of next time thinking. Members of the local ball team wore T-shirts with “There is no next time” across the back. Wow, that set me back a minute. As I digested this new phraseology, many occasions to prove this side of the coin flashed rapidly through my mind. Their shirts were relating the idea to the championship in order to encourage goal-seeking hard and disciplined teamwork toward a common goal. Like that game, we face a multitude of things in life that we only get one shot at doing. We would do well to look toward life with that same goal-seeking hard and disciplined work as the members of a team preparing for a championship game. Most of the time, we have to make the final decisions alone, however, the wise person builds a team of family, friends, and mentors to be teammates for that important championship game for which there will be no next time.


Author: Pamela K. Young

I have not only lived many chapters in one life, but many lives in one body. The person I am today is far wiser than the me of young adulthood. My life is like your life with its ebb and flow. We are all connected in some way. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, but what makes me, well, me is the way I wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a liver transplant survivor. Whatever devastation you have survived, we survived in our individual ways. I create with words and photos. I am a writer and photographer.

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