Unwise sayings

Hello friends and other kind-hearted people. It has been a long time. Boring you with all the details of why would be of no avail, so let’s just move on to my thoughts of the day.

I have shared a few of the wise sayings that have been a big part of my being the person I am. Today the words are ones that have been repeatedly echoed into my ears in recent times that hold no wisdom to me.

“Things don’t have to be right – just have to be made to look like it was done right.” This first saying sends chills down my spine each time it is whispered softly behind closed doors. What has happened to the values of honesty, truth, and integrity that meant so much to most members of our society? This is such a foreign thought to my brain cells that my mind has a difficult time accepting the words were actually spoken.

“It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.” How would you feel if this were your spouse, child, employee, or financial adviser saying these words? This saying tells me the person saying it has no respect for authority, no concern for the feelings of others, nor consideration for right.

“If everyone will just keep their mouth shut about this, no one will get in trouble.” Would you like to be paying this person’s salary? A person should not blindly follow an employer, but if you are going to cash the paycheck, you should follow their directives as long as they a legal and moral. Once you realize you are in a company that is not what you thought, you have a choice. The choice is simple in words however it is a very difficult choice to make – stay and fight to change things or go and try to find a place more in line with your thinking.

The wiser words are
“If you do things right, you don’t ever have to worry about anyone checking your work.”
“Stay steadfast in your attempts to receive the permission for what you know is right and worthwhile.”
“Always do things by the book when working to make necessary changes in order to better serve the people in your life daily.”

Good luck and best wishes to all of you who are fighting the good fight. To those who are on the border, come join us. To those who live by the first three phrases, I hope you find a better way and believe you will be happier when you do.

Until next time…

Originally Posted: 07 Sep 2008