Once Upon a Legend

When we first began ShyJot, Amanda wrote legends for people. She has an amazing talent for taking traits of a person and writing a make-believe poem using what she those traits. We held a contest for someone to have one written free. Lloyd did the drawing that went with it. The image was finished on the computer. This one is about a little boy who dreams of being an astronaut.


My Own Legend

I can tell you that one of the biggest honors I have enjoyed is to have my own legend written about me. It is a great honor to know what someone believes to be your best qualities. Every time I read my legend, I stand a little taller and smile a lot bigger. It encourages me to be the person in the story. I wonder if those of you that know me would recognize me from the story or would you have chosen a different quality.

While the traits of a person are woven into a fanciful tale, the person shines through. I have seen this in all the Legends Amanda has written. You would recognize the hero instantly if you ever met him in person.

Originally Posted: 08 Aug 2007



Author: Pamela K. Young

I have not only lived many chapters in one life, but many lives in one body. The person I am today is far wiser than the me of young adulthood. My life is like your life with its ebb and flow. We are all connected in some way. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, but what makes me, well, me is the way I wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a liver transplant survivor. Whatever devastation you have survived, we survived in our individual ways. I create with words and photos. I am a writer and photographer.

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