A Hoppy Love Story

There once was a big green-brown frog named Gustav sitting on a lily pad, a bloom hanging above his head as he croaked his magnificent baritone song of lost love. You see, he wooed the most beautiful girl frog named Lily from the neighboring pond. The frogs from both ponds would grumble their objection, after all the frogs from the two ponds never associated with each other.

Lily, a lovely pure green frog, could hear her lover’s song floating on the airwaves to West Pond where she lived with her parents. She cried a mournful tune as teardrops sent rings of ripples to the banks of the water’s edge. Gustav not able to stand it any longer took a leap of faith hopping quickly to Lily when they meet halfway between the ponds. The last any of the other frogs saw of them they were hopping to the South together ribbitting a happy tune.
They built a home together on the muddy banks of Smith’s Pond. They sang sweet tunes to each other. Then one day, they were blessed with a school of tadpoles. They watched them grow into lovely young frogs who spent their days playing leap frog, who can catch the most bugs, and musical lily pads. All too soon they were grown and left Smith’s Pond to find their own places in the world
But Gustav and Lily stayed at Smith’s Pond watching the sunsets together while croaking out happy tunes the rest of their lives.
2004.06.17 lilypond6
The End
Originally posted April 30, 2012


Author: Pamela K. Young

I have not only lived many chapters in one life, but many lives in one body. The person I am today is far wiser than the me of young adulthood. My life is like your life with its ebb and flow. We are all connected in some way. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, but what makes me, well, me is the way I wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a liver transplant survivor. Whatever devastation you have survived, we survived in our individual ways. I create with words and photos. I am a writer and photographer.

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