The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey

Originally posted May 10,2012

The oddly dressed gentleman stepped quickly down the street with the townspeople peering out the curtains as he passed each hoping to be the one to work out the puzzle of who this new person in town is. Looking as if he stepped through a time-machine, he was dressed in a top hat, tails with spats on his shoes, white gloves on his hands carrying a black worn bag and a cane. Maybe he was an actor preparing for a role in a movie or play or maybe he believed it was the mid-1800s. He took the walk leading to the old Ramsey Building, hesitated for the slightest second before unlocking the door, climbing the dusty stairs, and entering the dilapidated dark dingy room on the second floor. One lone observer following in the shadows nervously approached the Ramsey Building door reaching for the knob with a shaking hand planning on finding out just who this stranger is and where he came from. Peering through a spot on the grimy window, he noticed no signs of footprints in the accumulated dirt on the floor and steps however at his feet lay a crisp white card; upper left corner folded containing an elaborate hand- penned design of swirls, birds, flowers and an originally black scroll with calligraphy letters reading, “Dr. A. F. Ramsey.”

Note: This was published in a collect of stories written with the title through the writing network at 6 sentences. We were given the title and could only use six sentences to tell our story about Dr. Ramsey. If you would like to read other version, look for the book online titled 6S The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey.