A wise young woman placed a small sign on her refrigerator that said, “Make new mistakes!” Little did she know that these three words that she put there as a reminder for herself would affect another person.

One day her mother was visiting and read the note. It was a turning point in this mother’s life. At first the words haunted her. Then they calmed her. Next she found peace and comfort in the words especially when the realization of how much her attitude was changing as she claimed these three little words written on a little piece of paper. Mom still made plenty of mistakes, but repeated the same mistakes fewer times. That brought an unexplainable sense of joy.

Thank you, Dear One, for those words.

This mother hopes you have someone in your life that has given you such a gift unknowingly. If you would like to use this blog to let them know the impact they have had on your life, you are welcome to do so. If not here, then let them know in another way.

Here’s hoping you only MAKE NEW MISTAKES from this time forward.

Originally Posted: 15 Jul, 2007